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Kaitlyn Laibe


Director of The Womxn’s Action Commission

2020 - 2021

Executive Board for UW Mock Trial Team

2019 - 2021

Assistant Director of Representation for Alder Hall

2019 - 2020

Hi Huskies!!


It is with great pleasure that I am announcing my candidacy for ASUW Vice President. I’m a second-year, currently serving as The Director of The Womxn’s Action Commission. 


As your next VP, addressing organizational equity and restructuring the role to better serve ASUW will be at the forefront of my priorities. While ASUW has operated as a resource for many students, it has yet to operate as a holistic and accessible resource for all students.


As an employee of ASUW, I feel confident in my ability to improve internal operations, allowing ASUW to be maximized and strengthened as a resource. By revitalizing ASUW operations, we can hope to see an increase in student engagement, participation, and involvement of student voices; internal change is imperative in order for ASUW to fulfill its mission statement of inclusion and opportunity for all UW students.


This year, we are in an unique and unprecedented position to implement a new normal as we transition back to campus. I’m confident that we can produce a narrative founded on the core tenements of accessibility, intersectionality, and inclusion and make this our UW ‘normal’. 


As your ASUW Vice President, here are some things I will be working on:

  • Supporting ASUW employees by gathering and providing resources, feedback, and structured bi-monthly check-ins 

  • Implementing entity and ASUW-wide Caucus’ that will showcase ASUW’s achievements and provide a space for collaboration 

  • Collaborate with the Director of Internal Policy to update the language of ASUW entity bylaws to create a more accessible and inclusive environment for employees and students 

  • Ensure that the Board of Directors are successfully completing all job tasks and working towards achieving goals created at the beginning of the year

  • Elevating student life and culture on campus by increasing student engagement, participation, and involvement of student voices

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